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Seventh Kingdom Update

(Not sure if all of my friends are in the LARPers community)

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to post an update about Seventh Kingdom IGE. Our game is new but under way--and we're always looking for others to join. Our beta event kicked off with over forty players, and with our first official event completed, we officially serve amazing food with a side of awesome dinnertime entertainment and role play.

Event dates and information is posted on the site. Please check us out!

Also, if you happen to be running a local con or small event and are looking for vendors, please contact me directly--we are interested in appearing on a panel or purchasing a table at local events.

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Scottish brides--help? And dress update

A major thank you to everyone who helped with my 'omg I won a wedding and I'm getting married in a month where do I find a dress?' post. I have two appointments next week--one with a boutique and another with David's, and they assure me if I am open to most of the color accent Alfred Angelo designs, they can have something for me direct from manufacturer within a week if I can't find anything off the rack.

I have a quick question--my fiance is wearing his kilt. It's a blue and green Black Watch tartan (yay my two fave colors). I'm hoping to wear a swatch of the fabric on my shoulder as is done by Scottish brides, but obviously it is not called that because a Google search reveals nothing. Anyone know what this is called? How is it done? What if my dress is strapless?

Thanks so much for your advice. This community is keeping me sane!
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New Jersey Scrapbooking Event!


We'll be hosting a crop in Burlington County on June 6th. This crop is
to raise capital for Seventh Kingdom IGE, a live action role playing
group run by Boy Scout Venture Crew 1337. Seventh Kingdom IGE provides
a safe, alcohol-free environment for participants ages 16 and up (see
http://www.seventhkingdomige.com for more details).

The crop details:

Scrap That! 2 at the Burlington County Mall
2501 Burlington Mt-Holly Rd.
Burlington, NJ 08016

June 6th, 2009
10 AM - 9 PM

How much?
$20 - Pre-Registration by PayPal (Preferred) or check. Limited seats
available (20). Please reply for confirmation of available seats and
PayPal e-mail address (do not send to this e-mail).

Contact/Hosted By:
Tara Meacham
Seventh Kingdom IGE Marketing Director
*Many thanks to Scrap That! 2 for providing the space our crop*

What do I get?
-Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
-Ample amount of space in a well-lit, new location
-Venture Crew 1337 will help you move your crates and totes during the
first and last hours of the event!
-We will have an Avon consultant available with free samples for your
beauty needs.
-Since the crop takes place in a scrapbooking store, you can purchase
items throughout the day if you need a particular embellishment.

I am still looking for (non-scrapbooking related) vendors. If you sell
Pampered Chef or independently represent another such company, please
get in touch! I'd love to have you drop by.

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Photo Credit: Zach Long, Courtesy Seventh Kingdom IGE.

Hello, gamers. I've got something new for you: Seventh Kingdom IGE. Our interactive gaming environment will keep you constantly entertained. We're looking for NEW and experienced LARPers to come game with us! Our open beta is coming up soon and we are now accepting pre-registrations. Please check out our site for more info:

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Seventh Kingdom IGE - NJ/Phila

(Photo credit: Zach Long)

Hello, gamers. I've got something new for you: Seventh Kingdom IGE. Our interactive gaming environment will keep you constantly entertained. We're looking for NEW and experienced LARPers to come game with us! Our open beta is coming up soon and we are now accepting pre-registrations. Please check out our site for more info:

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Seventh Kingdom IGE - it's here

I've been working on something, it's true....


Tara Meacham, Marketing Director
Seventh Kingdom IGE

Seventh Kingdom IGE Offers “Interactive Gaming Environment” to New
Jersey LARPers

Mt. Holly, NJ, April 27, 2009 - Building on the concept of LARP (live
action role play), the Interactive Gaming Environment allows players
to create and choose a character, dress as the character, and fulfill
quests and adventures in the game.

Seventh Kingdom IGE is open to players age 16 and above, and is run by
the staff of seven, known as Venture Crew 1337. Players can
pre-register via the Seventh Kingdom IGE Web site at

Seventh Kingdom will run an open beta event on June 26-28 and its
first full event on July 17-19. Both events are held at Camp Amity
Acres in Waretown, NJ. Events start at a weekend pricing of $45.00.
Pre-registration opens today. Military (active, reserve, and Guard)
and those who pre-register will receive discounts.

More comprehensive than LARPs, Seventh Kingdom operates specifically
as a business, existing to satisfy the needs of the players. President
and CEO Matthew “Bizkit” Hoerter hand-selected the six other staff
members: a logistics director, event coordinator,
scheduling/photography director, rules director,
propmaster/environmental director, and marketing director. Hoerter’s
staff holds over 40 years of live action gaming experience.

Seventh Kingdom IGE also offers special instruction classes for new
players, during which players can receive assistance in making their
first character and safety-approved weapon.

Hoping to capitalize on recent appearances of LARPs in mainstream
media, Seventh Kingdom IGE targets LARPers, video and tabletop gamers,
but specifically reaches out to new players.

Seventh Kingdom IGE conducts in-person demos at local conventions,
universities, and events and is actively seeking cross-promotion on
the Web. For further information, contact Marketing Director Tara
Meacham at tmm@seventhkingdomige.com and view the online press kit at


Seventh Kingdom IGE takes gaming to the next level. Reaching out to
new and experienced gamers, Seventh Kingdom IGE offers its branded
“Interactive Gaming Environment,” promising to provide a
constantly-engaging live action game environment to players.


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Links of note.

Some links of note.

Party in my pants. Really.

Paganism and the Apocalypse. ZOMG 2012.

Inauguration Day coverage from an Irish American perspective.

Thanks for reading, friends!
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The Revised American

Please check out a new online progressive narrative blog:


We decided to launch the site today in honor of the inauguration of a progressive leader.


PS - We are also looking for writers and artists to contribute to future issues. Check it out!
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Pen Pals

I just wanted to post a note to say that I accomplished something positive today--I wrote two pen pal letters...yay! Anyway, time to go snuggle up to Rick and watch some TV!
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I finally found a social networking service that keeps tabs of everything, including LJ! It's called MyBlogLog and I signed up for it and used it to get organized. It's helping me organize my promotion efforts for writing. Anyway, check it out! Here is the link to my profile:

Tara's MyBlogLog
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Twitter part II

I'm trying it out, NOT with the Facebook app. User ID:    irishtara
Please feel free to add me.
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I really don't think I want to give into the twitter thing, mostly because I find it to be kind of spammy on Facebook. Opinions? Experiences? How do you use it? I'm looking to use it to generate traffic to my blogs in a non-spammy way.
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New Year

Wow. So I didn't mean to actually have the changeover happen at the new year, at least not consciously. I'm still catching up on some freelance writing commitments, so excuse my slow pace, but I am glad to be back on LJ! To make it clear, I used to be madrigalblue on here, but I decided to start over. Hope everyone had a great holiday.
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Tara's new LJ

So yeah--this is my new LJ. Please be patient while I move everything over and delete the old one.
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